Asena Yurtsever

Asena Yurtsever

Asena Yurtsever, M.A., EMDR Europe Trainer, EMDR Consultant and Supervisor, Psychodrama Therapist.

Asena graduated and completed her masters degree at Istanbul University.

Her special interest is in EMDR, Family Therapy, Expressive Arts Therapy and Psychodrama where she is fully trained qualified and accredited.  She works predominantly with adults and adolescents. She is mostly working with and giving supervision on Psychological traumas, attachment problems; neglect and abuse, anxiety disorders, dissociative identity disorder.

Asena is an EMDR Europe accredited trainer, consultant, facilitator and supervisor. She gives EMDR Trainings in Turkey, and workshops around the world.  She is one of the founders of EMDR Turkey Association and vice president of the association since 2011. Within the association she is doing workshops, inviting international colleagues, organising symposiums to establish a strong EMDR community in Turkey.

She supports EMDR Trauma Aid locally and internationally. She worked with Marmara Earthquake victims, Syrian refugees, Atatürk airport explosion, Beşiktaş explosion, Soma mane disaster, mall fire rescuers, coup attempt survivors in Turkey. She is also a part in EMDR Trainings in Northern Iraq with EMDR Trauma Aid Europe and doing consultancy in Lebanon within the project of EMDR Trauma Aid Europe.

Asena is a Psychodrama Therapist educated from Istanbul Psychodrama Zerka Moreno Institute and she gives workshops about psychodrama and arts therapy, using stories and fairy tales within groups. She also has published a book called Art Psychodrama which is a modal she developed in Psychodrama, published in 2013. Currently she is working on her new children’s book which should be ready to be published soon.

Asena is 100% bilingual Turkish/English and offers treatment and training in Turkey and the UK. She is a regular and inspiring presenter at national and international conferences.